Intuition Versus Fear. How to know the difference when making decisions in biz and life.

personal development Oct 09, 2023

You may sometimes wonder why I write, speak and podcast  so much on all things mindset and spirituality in business and not more on injection techniques (although I do that too)

The reason is, it isn't really the injection technique that will propel you forward or hold you back, it is the INNER WORK.

Everything you experience in your biz and life, is a reflection of your inner self.

You really are more powerful in achieving success than you know!

When I say success, this means your definition of a beautiful life.  Your biz should help you with this, not hinder it.

We make decisions every day, from the seemingly small, to the larger ones, each having the ability to change our trajectory.

So how can we be sure that we're making these decisions from a place of true intuition, that will support our highest good, or one based out of fear and past conditioning, disguised as our intuition?

On this weeks podcast, I share a secret that's always worked for me.

I speak about how you can align with this, to make decisions with more confidence, joy and ease.



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